01.03.1 Copeland, Chapters 1 & 2 questions (Music Aesthetics)

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Lesson #4

Chapter 1-- Preliminaries



1. Why would it be a waste of time to read this book without doing the listening assignment?

2. What is the minimum requirement to become an intelligent listener?

3. Why is it important to listen to music in relation to the past, present, and future?

4. (Fill in) The _____________ is generally what guides the listener.

5. List any shortcuts given for one to really appreciate music.

Chapter 2

How We Listen

Please answer the following questions.

1. What are the three component parts of listening?

2. List three activities you may be involved in while listening in the sensuous plane.

3. What is the expressive plane?

4. Does all music have to have a story behind it or a programmatic meaning, to be meaningful, or does "music for music’s sake" still give meaning for the listener?

5. Why can music express meaning beyond words?

6. This is an important or key question. In the musical plane, are we going to be more concerned with how the music makes you feel, or what is actually happening in the piece you are listening to?

7. Which of the three planes are we going to be mostly concerned with? Why?

Scoring Method: 
Approximate Student Minutes Needed to Complete: 
30 minutes
Approximate Teacher Minutes Needed to Complete: 
5 minutes
Total Points Possible: 
100 points possible
Credit Type: 
required activity